Peremennye Zvezdy

"Peremennye Zvezdy",
vol. 9, N 8 (2009)

The New Variable Star GSC 05236-00391

S. Bakan
Wedel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; Bundesdeutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Veraenderliche Sterne (BAV), Berlin, Germany

Received:   2.02.2009;   accepted:   19.02.2009
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Star Name: GSC 05236-00391, USNO-B1.0 0863-0590591
Coordinates (J2000): 22 33 46.31, -03 39 26.6
Variability type: EW;   Limits, System: 13.29-13.71 (V);    
Period: 0.341550 d;   Epoch(min): JD 2454735.723

While observing LL Aqr, the variability of GSC 05236-00391 was recognized. The presented results are based on observations from 6 nights between 25 September 2008 and 10 January 2009, performed with a Schmidt-Newton 6" telescope and a Meade DSIProII CCD camera, through a Schuler V filter. The comparison star was GSC 05236-00711; GSC 05236-00492 was used as a check star. Our provisional analysis of this star in the NSVS (ROTSE-I) and ASAS-3 sky surveys resulted in very similar light elements.

MinII = 13.71.

Light Curve
The New Variable Star GSC 05236-00391
Finding Chart
The New Variable Star GSC 05236-00391
Data Source
  1. gsc0523600391_datafile.txt

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