Peremennye Zvezdy

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"Peremennye Zvezdy",
vol. 7, N 32 (2007)

New BVIc Observations of VY Car, HQ Car, and EW Sct

L. N. Berdnikov#1,2, V. V. Kravtsov#1,3, E. N. Pastukhova#4, D. G. Turner#5
#1 Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University, Russia
#2 Isaac Newton Institute of Chile, Moscow Branch
#3 Instituto de Astronomia, Universidad Catolica del Norte, Chile
#4 Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
#5 Department of Astronomy and Physics, Saint Mary's University, Canada

ISSN 2221–0474

Received:   23.11.2007;   accepted:   23.11.2007
(E-mail for contact:

#NameOtherCoord (J2000)TypeMaxMinSystemPeriodEpoch (JD)typeSpCommentL.CurveFind.ChartData
1HQ Car 10 20 31.99, -61 14 57.4DCEP11.713.0V14.04642448528.111max  HQCARlc.jpgHQCARch.gifHQCAR.txt
2VY Car 10 44 32.69, -57 33 55.3DCEP6.98.0V18.93602434245.137maxF7Iab/Ib VYCARlc.jpgVYCARch.gifVYCAR.txt
3EW Sct 18 37 51.11, -06 47 48.5CEP(B)7.68.2V5.823632449705.727maxG5 EWSCTlc.jpgEWSCTch.gifEWSCT.txt

All observations of HQ Car and VY Car were made at Observatorio Cerro Armazones of the Universidad Catolica del Norte, Chile, between April and May, 2005. The data were obtained using the 16-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope in combination with a CCD ST-9 photometer, with BVIc filters. The BVIc photoelectric observations of EW Sct were obtained using the 75-cm telescope of the South African Astronomical Observatory in April, 2007.

Acknowledgments: The authors gratefully acknowledge partial financial support of this study from the Russian Foundation of Basic Research and the program of Support for Leading Scientific Schools of Russia to LNB and ENP and from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to DGT.

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