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"Peremennye Zvezdy",
vol. 7, N 9 (2007)

New CCD Minima of DM Del

A. Samokhvalov
Russian Federation, Surgut

ISSN 2221–0474

Received:   18.03.2007;   accepted:   22.03.2007
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Star Name: DM Del, BD+13 4478, SAO 106356, PPM 138789
Coordinates (J2000): 20 39 37.01, +14 25 43.1
Variability type: EB;   Limits, System: 8.58 - 9.11 ;   Spectrum: A2V
Period: 0.8446725 d;   Epoch(min): JD 2454062.1749

I present my CCD photometry of DM Del, an eclipsing binary with variable orbital period. The data were obtained in November - December, 2006 at my small private observatory with a CCD camera SBIG ST-7XMEl and photo lens Rubinar 5.6/500 (D=89.29 mm, F=475 mm) without filter. A total of 785 images with 20-second exposures were obtained on 10 nights (November 2 - December 9, JD2454042 - 2454079, see attached data file).

Basic reduction of images (for dark current, flat field, and bias) was carried out with the CCDSoft; the astrometric solution and photometry, with the MaxIm DL software. The comparison and check stars were: comp = SAO 106351 (8.82 mag) and check = GSC 1100-00646 (9.69 mag).

Three epochs of the primary minimum were determined based on our photometry using the Minima v2.3 software by Dr. Bob Nelson:

2006 November 22: 2454062.1749;

2006 November 28: 2454068.0876;

2006 December 09: 2454079.0684.

I used the new epoch of minimum (HJD2454062.1749) and the period taken from the Brno database of times of minima and maxima (0.8446725 days, see to plot the phased light curve.

Acknowledgments: I would like to thank N. N. Samus, S. V. Antipin and A. V. Khruslov for helpful discussion.

Light Curve
New CCD Minima of DM Del
The phased light curve of DM Del
Data Source
  1. dm_del.dat

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