Peremennye Zvezdy

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"Peremennye Zvezdy",
vol. 6, N 22 (2006)

IW Aur, a New Classical Cepheid

A. V. Khruslov
Russia, Tula

ISSN 2221–0474

Received:   13.10.2006;   accepted:   17.10.2006
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Star Name: IW Aur, GSC 2407-02050, S 08534, NSVS 6974851
Coordinates (J2000): 05 32 35.09, +33 21 53.5
Variability type: DCEP;   Limits, System: 12.6: - 12.9: (R);    
Period: 7.30 d;   Epoch(max): JD 2451533.6

The variability of IW Aur was discovered by Hoffmeister (1964). The variable was classified in the GCVS as a semiregular pulsating star (SR) without light elements. According to ROTSE1 data (Wozniak et al., 2004), it is a new classical Cepheid. M-m = 0.33P. Apparently NSVS 6974851 is a blended image of two or even three stars (IW Aur, GSC 2407-00366 and GSC 2407-01936). Thus, the magnitudes in maximum and minimum are not confined to IW Aur, and the amplitude of variability is underestimated.

Hoffmeister, C., 1964, AN 288, H.2/3, 49
Wozniak, P.R., Vestrand, W.T., Akerlof, C.W. et al., 2004, Astron. J., 127, 2436

Light Curve
IW Aur, a New Classical Cepheid
Finding Chart
IW Aur, a New Classical Cepheid
Finding chart. The cross shows the position of NSVS 6974851 that really is a blend of several stars.

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