Peremennye Zvezdy

"Peremennye Zvezdy",
vol. 5, N 7 (2005)

GSC 2563-00494

A. V. Khruslov
Tula, Russia

Received:   11.11.2005;   accepted:   14.12.2005
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Star Name: GSC 2563-00494, ROTSE1 J152235.81+310803.5, NSVS 7799908, NSVS 7820954
Coordinates (J2000): 15 22 35.76, +31 08 03.4
Variability type: EW;   Limits, System: 13.5 - 14.1 - 14.0(R);    
Period: 0.46046 d;   Epoch(min): JD 2451462.650

The variability of GSC 2563-00494 was discovered by ROTSE-I (Akerlof et al., 2000). The variable was classified as a DSCT star with the period 0.187155 days. Later GSC 2563-00494 was observed by Jin et al. (2004) who attributed it to eclipsing variables, with a doubled period (0.374370 days). But the phased light curve of the star in Jin et al. (2004) shows that the period is wrong. The true period must be longer.

I reinvestigated the star using the same ROTSE-I data. I confirm the eclipsing nature of this variable, but the period is twice the 1-day alias to that originally found by ROTSE.

Akerlof, C., Amrose, S., Balsano, R. et al., 2000, AJ, 119, 1901
Jin, H., Kim, S.-L., Lee, C.-U. et al., 2004, AJ, 128, 1847

Light Curve
GSC 2563-00494

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