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Published articles of Karimov, R.

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  • 4 декабря 2023 (Parmanova, Gaysin, et al) Study of Variable Stars in the Field of Open Cluster Stock 1
  • 7 сентября 2023 (Gaysin, Burkhonov, et al) Discovery of 19 new variable stars in the vicinity of the young star cluster King 12. Part I
  • 4 марта 2023 (Khamrakulov, Lapukhin, et al) Variable Stars Discovered at the Maidanak Observatory: Field Center α=21h50m δ=+59°00′(2000.0)
  • 27 июля 2022 (Burkhonov, Egamberdiev, et al) Discovery of Six New Variables: Center α=23h58m δ=+62°37′

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