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4389 "S"

() S
( ) S,
coal sack
Sacramento peak observatory
Sa galaxy
sag car
SAGE neutrino detector
sagittal focus
Saha equation
Saha's equation
Saha's ionization formula
random sample
over sampling
sampling theorem
sandwich construction
sandwich mirror
SAO star catalog
Sa Sb galaxy
Sa SB spiral
Sa spiral
weather satellite
satellite astronomy
satellite-borne instruments
satellite branches
satellite camera
satellite drag
satellite in long-lived orbit
satellite line
satellite observations
satellite observatory
Earth satellite orbit
artificial Earth satellite program(me)
satellite-range measurement
satellite's motion
satellite's orbit
satellite spectroscopy
satellite's period
satellite's spin
satellite system
satellite track
satellite tracking
satellite trail
satellite vehicle
saturated color
saturation effect
saturation function
daylight saving time
Sa Sb galaxy
SB Sb spiral
Sb Sc galaxy
Sb Sc spiral
SB Sb spiral
vernier scale
scale correction
scale factor
relative scale of distances
scale of micrometer
scale of the Galaxy
scale of the universe
gray scale resolution
true scale Value
scale Value of telescope
grey scaling
spiral scan
two-dimensional scanning
scanning device
scanning drive
scanning element
frequency scanning method
scanning motion
scanning rate
scan strip scan
scatter diagram
scattered beam
scattered electrons
scattered light
scattered radiation
scattered star light
scattered starlight
scattered sunlight
wide-angle scattering
scattering atmosphere
Thomson scattering coefficient
scattering cross-section
scattering effect
scattering efficiency
scattering electron
scattering function
scattering law
scattering matrix
scattering medium
scattering power
scattering theory
Sb Sc galaxy
term scheme
scheme of band heads
Schiefspiegler telescope
solid-block Schmidt
Schmidt aplanatic sphere camera
super Schmidt camera
Schmidt camera optics
Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
Schmidt plate
Schmidt's tube
Schmidt system
UK Schmidt telescope
Schottky effect
Schrodinger's equation
Schuman-Runge bands
Schuster-Schwarzschild method
Schuster-Schwarzschild model
Schuster's n
Schwinger radiation
space science
National Space Science Data Center
Space Telescope Science Institute
scientific probe
scintillation counter
scintillation detector
scintillation effects
scintillation fluctuations
scintillation in direction
scintillation in intensity
scintillation measures
scintillation noise
scintillation of radio stars
scintillation phenomenon
gas scintillation proportional counter
scintillation spectrum
scissoring vibration
SCNA telluric absorption
scotch mounting
scotopic luminosity curve
scotopic vision
S s-coupling
image scrambler
emulsion scratch
wire screen
screen brightness
screen brilliance
screen efficiency
screen illumination
screen image
screening constant
screening effect
screen intensity
tilting screen made of slats
zenith-distance screw
screw micrometer
Sc Seyfert galaxy
Sb Sc spiral
Sc well-developed spiral
interferometer sea interferometer
at sea level
sealing wax
lunar seas
seasonal anomaly
seasonal changes
seasonal variation
observing seat
arc second
second art collision
second-art transition
Cassegrain secondary
secondary color
secondary cosmic radiation
secondary cosmic ray
secondary cosmic rays
secondary eclipse
secondary electron
secondary emission
secondary image
secondary ionization
secondary minimum
secondary mirror
secondary mirror cage
secondary processes
secondary prominence
secondary ring
secondary source
secondary spectrum
secondary star
second contact
second kind collision
Kepler's second law
second of arc
second of time
second order Stark effect
second subordinate series
second subsidiary series
conic section
column of unit cross sectional area
box section of tube
conic sections
rotating sector
sector acceleration
sector opening
yearly secular
secular aberration
secular acceleration
secular contraction
secular determinant
secular secular in declination
secular secular in right ascension
secular parallax
secular perturbation
secular precession
secular secular in declination
secular secular in right ascension
secular term
seeing bad
seeing compensator
seeing conditions
seeing disk
seeing-disk diameter
seeing(-disk) profile
seeing distortions
seeing disturbance
seeing effects
visual seeing estimate
seeing fair
seeing feature
seeing good
seeing image
seeing measures
stellar seeing monitor
seeing observations
seeing phenomena
seeing phenomenon
seeing poor
visual seeing scale
seeing shifts
seeing study
seeing test
seeing very bad
comet seeker
the galaxy seen edge-on
the galaxy seen side-on
integrated spectral segment
segmented mirror
Seidel aberration
seismic detector
selected area
selected equinox
observatory site selection
selection effect
symmetry selection rule
selection rules
selective absorber
selective absorption
spectrograph interferometric with selective amplitude modulation
selective diffuser
selective effect
selective radiator
selective receiver
selective sensitivity
selenium cell
selenocentric orbit
selenographic coordinates
self-consistent field
self-luminous body
self-luminous object
self-recording microphotometer
Selvyn granularity law
semiannual term
semiconducting bolometer
semidiurnal secular
semi-indirect illumination
semi-infinite atmosphere
semi major axis
semimajor axis
semi minor axis
semiminor axis
semiregular variables
optical semithickness
remote sensing
temperature sensitive
sensitive amplifier
sensitive bolometer
phase sensitive detector
sensitive emulsion
sensitive film
light sensitiveness
position sensitive proportional counter
sensitive receiver
sensitive region
sensitive to light
threshold of sensitivity
equal sensitivity contours
visual sensitivity curve
sensitivity distribution
threshold gradient sensitivity function of eye for grains
sensitivity of system
reception (sensitivity) pattern
sensitivity pattern
optical sensitization
noncolor sensitized
spectral sensitizing
sensitometric processing
Hartmann sensor
sensory system
separably degenerated
Hartley's law of doublet separating
opposite polarities separating line
nuclear separation
separation angle
separation image
angular separation of fringes
septet multiplet
spectral sequence
sequence of galactic types
main sequenceof star types
sequence of structural forms
term sequences
sequence star
Wood's resonance series
series discontinuity
series disintegration
Ritz series formula
series limit
L long series of observations
trigonometric series of parallaxes
Serrurier truss
time service
time service clock
time service instrument
time service station
servo system
NASA extragalactic data set
set of comparison stars
set of observations
set rate
setting circle
setting error
setting motion
setting on star
to set up
seven-inch transit circle
sextet multiplet
sextet state
Sc Seyfert galaxy
shade number
shade tube
optical shadow
shadow-band pattern
shadow bands
shadow-band structure
shadow method
shadow pattern
shadow photometer
shadow transit
polar-axis shaft
() "shallowing"
Shanghai observatory
galactic shape
investigation of shape of pivots
shape of pulse
sharp edge
sharp image
sharp series
sharp solar limb
shearing interferometer
reflecting sheet
sheet reflector
gaseous shell
clam shell dome
shell of gas
shell spectrum
shell star
shell structure
light shield
blue shift
phase shifter
zero image shift focuser
seeing shifts
shininess of the Moon's surface
space ship
shock front
shock tube
shock wave
shooting star
short dipole
short (duration) burst
telescope of short focal length
short-focus objective
short-lived burst
short-period comet
short-period erratic motions
short-period perturbation
short scan
short-wave end
short-wave fade-out
short-wave radiation
shot effect
shot noise
nighttime shower
shower meteor
air showers
Lanphier shutter
shutter aperture
shutter arches
shutter exposure
shutter mechanism
shutter opening
dome shutters
radiation sickness
visible side
broad side array
side effect
side lobe
sidelobe (response) level
the galaxy seen side-on
sidereal clock
sidereal day
sidereal drive
sidereal mean daily motion
sidereal month
sidereal period
sidereal period of rotation at the equator
tracking at sidereal rate
sidereal-rate tracking mechanism
sidereal rotation
sidereal rotation period
sidereal second
local sidereal time
sidereal time at mean midnight
sidereal year
Siding Springs observatory
Siegbahn unit
line of sight
sighting telescope
sight line
sight-line velocity
line of sight velocity
-, σ
sigma orbital
astronomical sign
wanted signal
standard signal generator
picture signal monitor
signal/noise performance
signal-noise ratio
signal/noise ratio
signal power
timing signals
signal-to-noise level
signal-to-noise ratio
signature of metric
sign convention
significance level
significant figures
sign of the zodiac
optical silica
fused silica mirror
silicon photocell
La Silla observatory
silver bromide emulsion
silver bromide grain
silver chloride emulsion
silver-disk pyrheliometer
silver film
exposed silver grains
silver image
silver iodide emulsion
silverless image
silver reflectivity
principle of similarity
antenna simple antenna
simple burst
simple eyepiece
simple harmonic oscillator
simple interferometer
simple lens
simplified model
target simulator
single antenna
single aperture
single-beam spectrometer
single-emulsion film
single exposure
single flat arrangement
single frequency observation
single frequency radiometer
single-frequency record
single lens reflex camera
single-level absorption
single-picture taking
single spot
single star
singlet line
singlet multiplet
singlet state
singlet term
singular state
observing site
site group
observatory site selection
observatory site survey
site surveys
site telescope
site testing
site tests
Einstein-de Sitter cosmology
Einstein-de Sitter model
de Sitter's model
de Sitter's universe
Einstein-de Sitter universe
six-color photometry
six-color system
six-constant method
sizable telescope
telescope size
size measurement
effective size of the Sun
size orbit size
angular size work
skeletal vibration
sweeps of sky
International Dark Sky association
sky atlas
sky background
total sky brightness
sky brightness temperature
sky darkness
deep sky filter
sky glow
photometric skyies
sky light
night sky luminance
sky monitor
total sky noise
deep sky object
sky of stars
sky patrol
sky radiation
sky spectrum
STScI digital sky survey
radio sky temperature
turbulent slab
plane-parallel slabs
S, Λ-
tilting screen made of slats
slewing drive
slewing-drive assembly
slewing motion
slewing motor
slew(ing) rate
sliced paraboloid
image slicer
vertical slide
slide carrier
spectroscope slit
slit assembly
slit image
slit jaw
slitless spectrograph
slit-less spectroscope
slitless spectrum
slit mechanism
wide slit spectrograph
slit spectrum
slit width
slit-width adjusting screw
Sloan digital sky survey
talus slope
slope of ray
slow-acting developer
slow development
slow-drift burst
slowing-down radiation
slowly varying component
slow motion
slow-motion drive
slow motion drive assembly
slow plate
slow scan
SLR camera
small angle relationships
small-angle scattering
small-aperture telescope
small circle
small (diameter) source
smallest detectable signal
small flare
small flare event
small meteor
small planet
small-scale motions
small telescope
smart drive
smeared band
to smear out
Smithsonian astrophysical observatory
smoked glass
smoothed curve
homogeneous smoothed-out model
antenna smoothing
smoothing process
Snell's law
SNO neutrino detector
SOAR telescope
astronomical societies
Royal Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society of Pacific
Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
support socket
sodium iodide detector
soft component
soft developer
softening of radiation
soft landing
very soft radiation
orrery software
soft X-ray region
soft X-rays
SO galaxy
solar active region
forecast of solar activity
solar activity index
solar antapex
solar apex
solar astronomer
solar atmosphere
solar attraction
solar aureole
solar battery
solar blind photomultiplier
solar bombs
solar burst
solar calendar
solar cell
solar cell array
solar chromosphere
solar constant
solar coordinates
solar corona
solar corpuscles
solar corpuscular stream
solar cosmic rays
maximum phase of solar cycle
solar data
solar day
solar deuterium
solar diagonal
solar diameter
millionth of solar disk
Stoneyhurst solar disks
solar distance
solar disturbance
solar eclipse
solar-eclipse expedition
solar eclipse viewer
total solar emission
solar energy
solar ephemeris
solar equator
solar eruption
solar evolution
solar facula
solar filament
solar filter
solar flare
solar flux
solar flux density
solar globe
solar granulation
solar granules
solar haloes
solar heating
solar hemisphere
solar hydrogen vortex
solar illumination
solar instrument
solar interferometer
solar interior
solarized image
solar limb
solar limb darkening
solar luminosity
solar magnetic field
solar magnetograph
solar-mapping system
solar mass
solar matter
solar medium
solar meridian
solar model
solar model in deeper layers
solar modulation phenomena
solar motion
solar neighbourhood
solar neutrino flux
solar neutrinos
solar neutrino unit
microwave solar noise
solar noise storm
solar nutation
solar observations
National Solar Observatory
solar observing
solar outburst
solar paddle
solar parallax
solar patrol
solar period
solar phenomena
solar photosphere
solar physicist
solar physics
solar planets
solar plasma
solar plasma probe
solar pole
solar probe
solar prominence
solar protons
solar quantities
solar quiet magnetic secular
X-ray solar radiation
solar radiation pressure
solar radio astronomy
solar radio burst
sporadic solar radio emission
solar (radio) noise
solar radio observations
solar radio spectrum
solar radio wave intensity
solar radio waves
solar radius
solar recording
solar repulsive force
solar research
solar rotation
mean solar second
zero air-mass solar spectral irradiation curve
solar spectrograph
solar spectrometer
solar spectroscopy
solar spectrum
solar(-spectrum) ledger
solar spectrum lines
solar spot
solar spot prominences
solar studies
solar surface
solar surface Hα
solar survey
solar system
solar system distances
solar-system radar
tower solar telescope
solar temperature
solar-terrestrial events
solar-terrestrial relations
solar tidal wave
apparent (solar) time
local mean solar time
solar tower
solar-type star
solar ultraviolet radiation
solar wavelengths
solar wind
solar work
solar X-radiation
solar X-rays
solar XUV observations
solar year
solid angle
effective solid angle of antenna
solid-block Schmidt
solid-block Schmidt camera
solid body
solid-body rotation
solid constituent
solid disk
solid grains
solid matter
solid mirror
solid particles
solid propellant
solid-propellant rocket
solid Schmidt camera
solid state detector
solid-state maser
solid surface
numerical solution
order sorter
sound emission
vertical incidence sounder
ionospheric sounding
sound propagation
sound wave
extended source
source brightness distribution
source concentration
source count
source density
source diameter
source direction
source directivity
source distribution
source function
radio source galaxy
source image
source major axis
source model
radio source observations
principal source of decameter activity
source of emission
source of errors
source of interference
source of noise
source of noise storm
source of radiation
source position
source power
source region
decameter source regions
survey of radio sources
energy sources in stars
source size
radio source structure
source velocity
South African astronomical observatory
South African large telescope
spherical south bearing
south celestial pole
south declination
south ecliptic pole
Southern astrophysical research telescope
south(ern) bearing
south(ern) hemisphere
southern latitude
southern lights
European Southern Observatory
southern polarity
southern reference star program(me)
southern reference stars
southern sky
south(ern) stars
south galactic pole
south pier
south point
south polar cap
south pole
Soviet 6-m telescope
radio waves from space
space absorption
National Aeronautic and Space Administration
European Space Agency
space astronomy
Kennedy Space Center
space-charge oscillations
space communication
space craft
Hipparcos spacecraft
spacecraft astronomy
spacecraft observation
spacecraft trails
spaced antennas
stellar space density
space distribution
spaced receiver method
space exploration
space flight
Goddard space flight center
space medicine
space navigation
deep space network
space observatory
space optics
space physics
space probe
space quantization
space research
space rocket
space science
National Space Science Data Center
space ship
manned spaceship
space station
space suit
Maui Space Surveillance system
space technology
Next generation space telescope
Space Telescope Science Institute
space television
space travel
space vehicle
space velocity
spacial distribution
variable spacing
variable spacing interferometer
lime spar
laser spark
spark detector
spark excitation
spark spectrum
spatial bandwidth
spatial brightness
spatial density
spatial emission
Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
spatial filter
spatial filtering
spatial frequency
spatial fringe pattern
spatial structure
spatial survey
spatial velocity
special color index
special relativity
special theory of relativity
triple degenerated species
specific absorption
antenna specification
volumetric specific heat
specific intensity
speckle interferometry
eclipse spectacles
halogen spectra
spectral absorption
spectral analysis
spectral band
spectral channel
spectral class
spectral classification
Yerkes spectral classification system
spectral color
spectral density
spectral distribution
spectral elongation
spectral emissivity
spectral energy distribution
spectral features
spectral filter
spectral flux density
spectral index
spectral intensity
zero air-mass solar spectral irradiation curve
21-cm radio spectral line
spectral line broadening
spectral line curvature
spectral-line displacement
spectral line emission
spectral line intensity
spectrally pure color
spectral MW
stellar spectral MWs
spectral observations
spectral order
spectral photometry
free spectral range
spectral region
spectral resolution
integrated spectral segment
spectral sensitivity
spectral sensitizing
spectral sequence
spectral series
spectral term
parentage of spectral terms
spectral transmission curve
spectral type
effective-temperature spectral-type relation
late spectral types
spectral variables
spectral width
low-dispersion spectrogram
wide slit spectrograph
spectrographic equipment
spectrographic method
spectrographic observations
spectrograph interferometric with selective amplitude modulation
spectrograph slit
mass spectrography
hydrogen spectroheliogram
X-ray spectrometer
X-ray spectrometry
spectrophotometric gradient
spectrophotometric temperature
astronomical spectrophotometry
slit-less spectroscope
spectroscope slit
spectroscopic absolute magnitude
spectroscopic binary
spectroscopic binary star
spectroscopic double star
spectroscopic measurements
spectroscopic method
spectroscopic observations
spectroscopic parallax
spectroscopic research
spectroscopic study
multi-object spectroscopy
spectroscopy, multi-object
continuous spectrum
spectrum analysis
spectrum analyzer
spectrum height
spectrum line
spectrum line intensity
solar spectrum lines
spectrum-luminosity correlation
spectrum-luminosity diagram
spectrum-luminosity relation
spectrum observations
spectrum of echo
turbulence spectrum of photosphere
spectrum of radio source
spectrum projector
dynamic spectrum record
spectrum spread
specular reflection
great speculum
speculum metal
photographic speed
speed changer
speed of fading
speed of light
speed of recession
irregularity in speed of rotation
vertex sphere
Schmidt aplanatic sphere camera
interstellar graphite spheres
spherical aberration
spherical angle
spherical astronomy
spherical component
spherical coordinates
spherical corrector
spherical dish
spherical distribution
spherical galaxy
spherical halo
spherical mirror
spherical mirror camera
spherical nebula
spherical reflector
spherical south bearing
spherical subsystem
spherical top
spherical-top molecule
spherical triangle
spherical trigonometry
spherochromatic aberration
oblate spheroid
spheroidal galaxy
chromospheric spicules
spider line
cosmic ray spike
spill over
antenna spillover
spillover radiation
satellite's spin
spin casting
spin doubling
spin echo
spin function
spin-lattice interaction
spinning electron
spinning top
spin orbital
spin-orbit coupling
spin-orbit interaction
spin-orbit multiplet
spin-orbit splitting
spinor wave function
spin quantum number
spin-relativity doublet
electron spin resonance
spin-spin coupling
spin-spin interaction
spin temperature
spin uncoupling
Sc well-developed spiral
spiral arm
spiral branch
spiral formation
spiral galaxy
spiraling particle
spiralling electrons
spiral nebula
spiral scan
spiral structure
spiral system
split image
beam splitter
Zeeman splitting
splitting factor
Spoerer's law
spontaneous disintegration
spontaneous emission
spontaneous emitter
film spool
sporadic coronal condensation
sporadic E F
sporadic ionization
sporadic meteor
outburst sporadic outbursts of craters
sporadic region
sporadic solar radio emission
sweet spot
spot activity
spot area
odd spot cycle
spot diagram
orientation of spot group
spotlight illumination
spot model
reduced spot number
spot penumbra
solar spot prominences
spotted area
spot umbra
spot zone
spray ejection
spray prominence
spectrum spread
point spread function
spread in frequency
spread in spectrum
spread in time of travel
spread in velocities
spread of echo
spread of observations
spread velocity
spring equinox
Springfield mounting
Siding Springs observatory
spun-cast mirror
north polar spur
spurious disk
spurious effect
spurious error
spurious image
spurious radiation
spynor field
square degree
least squares fit
least squares method
SRS program(me)
S s-coupling
SS model
S star
radiometer stability
stabilized binoculars
stabilized rocket
image stabilizing binoculars
stable emission
stable equilibrium
stable prominence
moving stage
stage micrometer
nebular stage of nova
staggered conformation
time standard
standard antenna
standard candle method
standard catalogue
standard chromatic diagram
standard coordinates
standard development
standard deviation
standard epoch
standard error
standard error of the mean
standard eye for colorimetry