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2581 "P"

Cerro Pachon observatory
Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
support pad
solar paddle
electron pair
star pair method
pair of movable wires
pair production
Palomar observatory
Palomar observatory sky survey
panchromatic emulsion
control panel
Panoptic eyepiece
panoramic receiver
recording paper
paper base
paper developer
fixed parabola
parabola corrector
parabolic antenna
parabolic cylinder
parabolic mirror
parabolic orbit
parabolic primary
steerable parabolic reflector
parabolic (reflector) antenna
parabolic (reflector) radio telescope
parabolic telescope
parabolic velocity
steerable paraboloid
paraboloid(al) reflector
paraboloid bowl
paraboloid dish
paraboloid mirror
paraboloid radio telescope
cylindrical paraboloid reflector
paraboloid (reflector) antenna
Zeeliger's paradox
cosmological paradoxes
parallactic angle
parallactic component
parallactic displacement
parallactic ellipse
parallactic error
parallactic head
parallactic inequality
parallactic libration
parallactic motion
parallactic mounting
parallactic shift
parallactic triangle
trigonometrical parallax
trigonometric parallax determination
trigonometric series of parallaxes
parallax factor
parallax in azimuth
parallax in declination
parallax in right ascension
parallax in zenith distance
parallax plates
parallax program(me)
parallax series
parallax star
parallax work
parallel band
parallel beam
parallel light
parallel vibration
paramagnetic resonance
induced paramagnetism
Hubble's parameter
Stokes' parameters
varactor (diode) parametric amplifier
Chandrasekhar's parametric equations of state
Cerro Paranal observatory
parasitic antenna
parasitic image
paraxial rays
fractional parentage
parentage of spectral terms
parent comet
parent nucleus
parent term
parfocal eyepieces
parity effect
parity rule
Parkes radio telescope
cubic parsec
moving parsecs
partial eclipse
partial exposure
partial filling
partially-filled aperture
partially polarized
partial phase
partial polarization
spiraling particle
charged particle counter
particle flux
particle loss
Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
β particles
particle scattering
particular act
vibrational partition function
partly filled aperture
Paschen-Back effect
Paschen continuum
Paschen limit
Paschen series
Pashen-Runge mounting
receiver band pass
time of perihelion passage
passage of meteor
passage through potential barrier
pass band
passenger elevator
low pass filter
isoplanatic patch
air path
apparent path of the Moon
solar patrol
field pattern
pattern lobes