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1288 "L"

Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratory
laboratory astrophysics
laboratory source
laboratory spectrum
Lagrange's equations
Lagrangian point
Lα- radiation
λ/4 criterion
λ/8 criterion
Λ(-type) doubling
S, Λ-
Lambert law
Lamb(-Rutherford) shift
laminar stream
tungsten lamp
Lande (g-)formula
Lande g-Value
Lande interval rule
Lande's splitting factor
soft landing
lunar landscape
dust lane
Lanphier shutter
lanthanum eyepiece
lanthanum glass
pitch lap
Laplace's operator
La Plata observatory
Laporte rule
adiabatic lapse rate
universe in the large
large-aperture telescope
large-area photomultiplier
Very large array
large binocular telescope
large diameter source
large flare
large flare event
large microwave outbursts
Atacama large millimeter array
large observatory
large outburst
large outbursts of microwave radiation
large radio telescope
large reflector
large-scale galactic motions
large-scale motions
large-scale structure
the largest optical telescope
Very Large Telescope
large transit
large zenith telescope
Larmor frequency
Larmor precession
Las Campanas observatory
ruby laser
laser collimator
laser spark
La Silla observatory
last quarter
last stage
latent image
lateral angle
lateral refraction
lateral support assembly
late spectral types
late(-type) stars
ecliptic latitude
true latitude at date
latitude difference
latitude distribution
latitude observations
latitude of exposure
at low latitudes
latitude service
latitude stars
latitude station
lattice arrangement
lattice vibrations
Laue pattern
launching vehicle
lava bed
lava crater
lava flow
lava pool
Wien's law
photographic reciprocity law failure
law of areas
law of Bunsen and Roscoe
law of darkening
Hartley's law of doublet separating
Newton's law of gravitation
alternation law of multiplicities
law of polarity
law of refraction
law of universal gravitation
law of zones
Fred Lawrence Whipple observatory
Kirchhoff's laws
laws of planetary motion
Appleton layer
solar model in deeper layers
leader spot
leading edge
leading spot
leading sunspot
lead sulphide cell
leap month
leap year
circle of least confusion
least squares fit
least squares method
least-squares solution
solar(-spectrum) ledger
legal day
Legendre function
Fried's coherence length
lengthening of the day
length of exposure
transfer lens
lens antenna
lens astrograph
lens auxiliary lens
lens carrier
lens cell
lens curvature
lens distortion
lens distortion correction
lens efficiency
lens-mirror camera
lens power
single lens reflex camera
lens shutter
lens speed
lens system
meniscus lens with concentric surfaces
significance level
level adjustment
level-crossing method
energy level diagram
level error
enhanced (level) radiation
level reading
population of levels
level surface
level width
counterpoise levers
liberation of gases
first point of Libra
physical libration
libration effect
libration in latitude
libration in longitude
libration point
Lick observatory
Lick refractor
Lick system
magnetic life history of sun-spot
life of developer
natural life time
Ligand field
visible light
light absorption
light adaptation
light beam
light bridge
light bucket
light cell
light curve
light detector
light distribution
angular light-distribution
light distribution in seeing image
light efficiency
ratio of radio to light emission
light filter
light fog
light gathering power
light-gathering power
light grasp
ambient light illumination
light image
light intensity
light interference
velocity of light in vacuum
light loss
light minute
light nebula
globe lightning
light path
light pollution
light pollution rejection filter
light pressure
light propagation
light pulse
light quantum
light ray
light-reflecting power
light ripples
southern lights
light scattering
light sensitive
light sensitiveness
light sensitivity
light sensitization
light shield
light slide
low-pressure light source
light spectrum
light time
instantaneous light vector
light wave
light year
west(ern) limb
limb brightening
limb corrections
solar limb darkening
limb effect
limb error
limb flare
limb irregularities
limb spectrum
center (to) limb variation
lime spar
Dawes limit
instrumental limitations
limitation to receiver sensitivity
diffraction limited optics
diffraction limited resolution
limiting apparent magnitude
limiting energy
limiting error
limiting frequency
limiting magnitude
limiting photographic magnitude
limiting resolution
limit of band series
limit of detectability
limit of line series
limit of resolution
final limits
theoretical limit to sensitivity
twenty-one centimeter line
21-cm line absorption
line absorption coefficient
linear array
reciprocal linear dispersion
linear electron density
linear enlargement
linear expression
linear function
linearly polarized
linearly polarized radiation
linear molecule
linear oscillator
linear polarization
linear regression
linear response
rigid linear rotator
linear scale
linear size
linear Stark effect
linear target
linear velocity
line blanketing
line-blanketing index
line broadening
line center
line contour
spectral line curvature
21-cm line data
21-cm line emission
21-cm line emitting regions
line feed
line fluorescence
line formation
line formation problem
zero line gap
spectrum line intensity
line merging
21-cm line observations
line of apsides
line of force
line of Hα
diagonal line of multiplet
line of nodes
line of sight
line-of-sight component
line-of-sight motion
line-of-sight speed
line of sight velocity
line-of-sight velocity
line of syzygies
hydrogen line polarimeter
straight line portion
P Cygni line profile
21-cm (line) radiation
line radiation
line ratio
line receiver
Pickering lines
line scattering
limit of line series
line shift
line shifter
line spectrum
lines per inch
line splitting
relative line strength
21-cm line studies
line target
line to be washed out
line width
21-cm (line) work
hydrogen line work
radio link
microwave links interferometer
radio link system
liquid core
liquid mirror
liquid propellant
star list
astronomical literature
Littrow condition
Littrow spectrograph
living matter
L long series of observations
Lloyd's mirror
wind load
wind loading
load-resistance photocell
main lobe
lobe pattern
pattern lobes
fine lobe structure
lobe switching
lobe-switching principle
lobe system
lobe width
local deformation
local electric field
local errors
local figuring
local geomagnetic time
local group
local hydrogen
local(ized) disturbance
localized source
local level
local magnetic field
local mean solar time
local oscillator
local reference system
local seeing
local seeing effects
local sidereal time
local standard of rest
local stars
local star system
local structure of neutral hydrogen
local supercluster
local system
local system of hydrogen
local temperature
local thermodynamic(al) equilibrium
local time
Lommel-Seeliger law
Lomonosov telescope
long baseline
long-base(-line) interferometer
very long base-line interferometry
long baseline observations
long exposure photograph
long-focus collimator
long-focus lens
long-focus objective
long-focus refractor
long-focus telescope
ecliptic longitude
true longitude at date
longitude distribution
longitude of ascending node
longitude of perihelion
longitude of the ascending node
conventional longitudes
radio longitudes of Jupiter
longitude system
longitudinal magnetic field
longitudinal motion of sunspots
longitudinal plasma waves
longitudinal vibrations
long-lived feature
satellite in long-lived orbit
long-lived spot
long period comet
long-period perturbation
long-period variables
very long photographic exposure
long range studies
L long series of observations
long-wave end
long-wave radiation
quick look data
loop(-type) prominence
Lorentz theory of pressure broadening
Lorentz theory of Zeeman effect
Lorentz transformation
Lorentz unit
Lorentz-Weisskopf broadening
Observatorio del Rogue de los Muchachos
Roque de los Muchachos observatory
reflection loss
conversion loss coefficient
loss cone
loss-less compression
electron loss rate
loss tangent
lossy compression
triple loupe eyepiece
Lovell telescope
low-coefficient glass
low-dispersion spectrogram
Lowell observatory
low-energy component
low-energy particles
low-energy radiation
lower atmosphere
lower chromosphere
lower conjunction
lower corona
lower culmination
lower end of tube
lower level
lower transit
low-expansion glass
low-frequency channel
low-frequency spectrograph
low-latitude prominence
at low latitudes
low-latitude station
low-luminosity star
star of low metal content
low-noise amplifier
low-noise radiometer
low-noise receiver
low pass filter
low-power objective
low-power telescope
low-pressure light source
low resolution
low-resolution survey
low-speed electrons
low-velocity electrons
LPR filter