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1438 "I"

interstellar ice absorption
Iceland spar
I c K-coupling
I c K-
H I cloud
H I complex
ideal coordinates
ideal receiver
ideal telescope
optical identification
identification of central fringe
identification of lines
identified band
identified radio star
optically identified source
to identify optically
H I emission
H I gas
igneous activity
igneous rock
H II cloud
H II emission
class III flare
type III (radio) burst
population II object
II (population) stars
type II (radio) burst
H II region
population II star
II supernova
() () II
() II
I j-coupling
I j-
back illuminated CCD
illuminated cross wire eyepiece
illuminated hemisphere
illuminated pinhole
illuminating star
quantity of illumination
upright image
image amplifier
image compression
image converter
image core
image definition
image de-rotator
detector image detector
comparison image device
image diameter
image dissector
image distortion
image disturbance
image elongation
image enlargement
image excellent
image exploded
image format
photographic image formation
image hard image
image intensifier
image motion
image-motion estimate
image multiplier
image nucleus
image of the radio Sun
image orthicon
image photon counting system
image plane
image processing
image profile
image reduction
image reduction and analysis facility
image rotation
quality of images
image scale
image scrambler
zero image shift focuser
image size
image slicer
image stabilizing binoculars
image structure
image surface
image synthesis
Flexible Image Transport System
image tremor
image tube
imaginary source
Hadamard mask imaging
IMB neutrino detector
Earth's immediate interplanetary environment
moment of impact
impact broadening
impact energy
impact of meteor
impedance matching
impersonal astrolabe
impersonal micrometer
imprisoned radiation
improvement of image
resultant impulse
impulse recorder
timing impulses
impulsive bursts
impulsive force
terms in aberration
to move in a circular orbit
Raman inactive vibration
free-burning dc arc in air
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
parallax in azimuth
jump in brightness
variations in brilliance
in calcium light
lines per inch
grazing incidence
vertical incidence sounder
glancing incidence telescope
incident beam
incident electron
incident flux
incident pencil
incident plane wave
incident pulse
incident radiation
plate inclination
inclination of lens
orbital inclination to the equator
two galaxies in collision
incoming beam
incomplete fixing
Inconel filter
incorrect exposure
fluctuations in cosmic radiation
sudden cosmic ray increase
brightness increment
increment of visual threshold
secular secular in declination
errors in declinations
solar model in deeper layers
indentified galaxy
independent catalogue
independent day numbers
time independent perturbation theory
indeterminacy principle
U-B color index
Index Catalog
index of refraction
indicator dial
indimmed star
indirect colorimetry
scintillation in direction
individual burst
individual catalogue
to correct individually
individual meteor
resolve into individual stars
individual sunspot
induced diamagnetism
induced dipole radiation
induced emission
induced moment
induced paramagnetism
induced predissociation
nuclear induction
aberration in ecliptic longitude
inelastic collision
distortion in emulsion
inequalities in motion
inequalities in motion of the Moon
inequalities of pivots
diurnal inequality
inert gas
product of inertia
inertial coordinate system
inertial mass
inertial reference system
inertial system
inferior conjunction
inferior planet
infinite medium
infinite universe
infinity focusing
infinity gamma
discontinuities in flexure
turnover in flux(-density) spectrum
in focus
positional information
Information Bulletin on Variable Stars
information processing
near infrared
infrared absorption
infrared astronomy
infrared bands
infrared bolometer
infrared emission
infrared filter
infrared flux density
infrared magnitude
infrared measurements
infrared observations
infrared photography
infrared radiation
infrared rays
infrared ray sensitive emulsion
near infrared region
infrared sensitization
infrared solar radiation
infrared spectrograph
infrared spectrometer
infrared spectrum
UK infrared telescope
infrared temperature
infrared (wavelength) range
infrared wavelengths
infrared window
redistribution in frequencies
spread in frequency
fluctuations in gain
map of hydrogen in galactic plane
tunnel (ing) effect
Inglis-Teller relation
in Hα light
to blanket in heat
inherent contrast
inherent (noise) fluctuations
inhomogeneous field
chemically inhomogeneous model
guiding correction in hour angle
thermal radiation in infrared
discontinuities in instrumental system
in integrated light
scintillation in intensity
refraction in irregularities
initial condition
initial intensity
initial period
initial phase
variations in latitude
error in level reading
variation in light
variations in longitude
satellite in long-lived orbit
dispersion in luminosity of sources
in monochromatic light
inequalities in motion
inequalities in motion of the Moon
intensity ratio in multiplets
inner composition
inner core
inner corona
inner photoeffect
inner planet
inner quantum number
inner radiation belt
inner radiation zone
inner regions
innomogeneities in refraction
precession in obliquity
inorganic radicals
coefficients in perturbations
Doppler effect in photodissociation
displacements in photographic film
in-plane vibration
error in position
receiver input
input power
discrimination in range
fluctuations in receiver gain
ratio of minimum to maximum in record
innomogeneities in refraction
gradient in refractive index
secular secular in right ascension
light distribution in seeing image
distribution in space
spread in spectrum
irregularity in speed of rotation
magnetic flux in spot
diverging motion in spot group
thermal instability
instable equilibrium
instantaneous exposure
instantaneous light vector
instantaneous period
instantaneous position
instantaneous spectrum
instantaneous tidal force
instantaneous vibration
instant of transit
energy sources in stars
Institut de radio astronomie millimetrique
Space Telescope Science Institute
Max Plank institutes
Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia
Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
Instituto di Radioastronomia
system of instrument
instrumental broadening
instrumental constants
instrumental effect
instrumental errors
instrumental flexure
instrumental fluctuations
instrumental investigations
instrumental limitations
instrumental pole
instrumental profile
instrumental resolution
instrumental seeing
discontinuities in instrumental system
instrumental variations
instrumentation navigational instrumentation