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1896 "E"

Eagle mounting
early spectral types
early(-type) stars
radiation from the earth
Earth curvature
rare earth elements
earth-grazing minor planets
earthlight on the Moon
alkaline earth-like spectrum
Earth-Mars distance
Earth-Moon system
Earth satellite
Earth satellite orbit
artificial Earth satellite program(me)
Earth's atmosphere
Earth's axis
Earth's center
Earth's core
Earth's crust
Earth's equator
Earth's gravitational pull
Earth's gravity
earthshine on the Moon
Earth's immediate interplanetary environment
Earth's ionosphere
Earth's magnetic field
Earth's mantle
Earth's motion
Earth's orbit
Earth's orbit radius
Earth spheroid
Earth's radius
Earth's rotation
Earth's shadow
Earth's surface
Earth's trail
Earth-Sun distance
eastern elongation
east(ern) limb
eastern quadrature
eastern spot
east point
east-west antenna
east-west arm
east-west asymmetry
east-west baseline
east-west direction
east-west line
Eberhard's effect
eccentric anomaly
effect of eccentricity
eccentric orbit
echelette grating
echelle grating
echelle spectrograph
reflection echelon
echelon arrangement
echelon grating
echelon step
spread of echo
echo amplitude
radio echo apparatus
effective echo cross-section
echo cross-section of radar
echo decay
radio echo duration
echo from Venus
echo(ing) power
radio echoing power
echo intensity
echo method
echo pulse
echo sounding
echo strength
radio echo studies
radio echo technique
radar (echo) work
visibility of eclipse
eclipsed body
eclipsed conformation
eclipse observation
eclipse photograph
eclipse results
eclipse spectacles
eclipse technique
eclipse theory
solar eclipse viewer
eclipse year
eclipsing binary
eclipsing binary star
eclipsing body
eclipsing double star
eclipsing variables
obliquity of the ecliptic
ecliptic coordinates
ecliptic latitude
ecliptic longitude
ecliptic pole
ecliptic system
component E-component
Eddington approximation
Eddington-Barbier relation
Eddington model
Eddington transfer equation
trailing edge
edge effect
edge enhancement
the galaxy seen edge-on
mirror edge pad
edge support
edge support pad
knife edge test
Royal observatory, Edinburgh
sporadic E F
Zeeman effect
Stark (effect) broadening
Doppler effect in photodissociation
effective aperture
effective area
effective charge
effective (collecting) area
effective echo cross-section
effective focal length
effective focal ratio
effective nuclear charge
effective quantum number
effective radius
effective receiving area
effective reflecting area
effective scale Value
effective sensitivity
effective size of the Sun
effective solid angle of antenna
effective surface gravity
effective temperature
effective-temperature spectral-type relation
effective wavelength
effective width
effect of aging
effect of confusion
effect of eccentricity
Doppler effect of thermal motion
weather effects
effects of clustering of galaxies
cosmological effects of distances
effects of wind
Effelsberg radio telescope
responsive quantum efficiency
efficiency factor
e-folding time
eggcrate form
symmetric eigenfunction
Einstein coefficient
Einstein-de Sitter cosmology
Einstein-de Sitter model
Einstein-de Sitter universe
Einstein probability coefficient
Einstein's equations
Einstein's field relations
Einstein shift
Einstein's model
Einstein's universe
Einstein transition probability
surge ejection
ejection of matter
ejection of particles
elastic collision
elastic wave
electrical conductivity
electrically driven tuning fork
electric dipole
electric dipole radiation
electric disruption
electric eye
local electric field
electric focuser
electric focusing
electric furnace
electric light vector
electric moment
electric motor
electric-motor drive
electric-motor sidereal drive
electric multipole
electric multipole radiation
electric quadrupole
electric quadrupole radiation
electrodeless lamp
cosmic(al) electrodynamics
equatorial electrojet
electro-magnetic radiation
electromagnetic radiation
electromagnetic spectrum
electromagnetic vibrations
electromagnetic waves
valency electron
electron affinity
electron beam parametric amplifier
electron-binding energy
electron concentration
ionospheric electron content
peak electron density
electron density distribution
electron density per unit length
electron detachment
electron envelope
double electron excitation
electron gas
electron gyro radiation
forbidden electronic band
electronic band spectrum
electronic camera
electronic computer
electronic (computing) machine
electronic conduction
electronic configuration
electronic digital computer
electronic image converter
electronic image format
electronic level
electronic-mechanical device
electronic motion
quantum electronics
electronic state
electronic transition
electronic transition probability
electron loss rate
electron mass
electron multiplier
electronographic camera
electronographic-type image converter
electron pair
electron paramagnetic resonance
electron pressure
electron production rate
electron radius
trapped electrons
electron scattering
electron sensitive
electron-sensitive emulsion
electron shell
electron spin resonance
electron stream
electron temperature
electron-transfer spectrum
electron transition
electron tube
electron volt
electrostatic attraction
electrostatic fluxmeter
electrostatic interaction
electrostatic radius
optical element
elementary antenna
elementary shell
elephants' trunks
apparent elevation
elevation axis
elevation movement
prime-focus elevator
eliiptically polarized radio waves
background elimination
tangential ellipse
polarizability ellipsoid
ellipsoidal galaxy
elliptical aberration
elliptical companion
elliptic(al) galaxy
elliptically polarized
elliptically polarized beam
elliptically polarized radiation
elliptical motion
elliptical nebula
elliptic(al) orbit
elliptical polarization
elliptical satellite
elliptical system
elliptic mirror
elongated ellipse
elongated orbit
western elongation
Emden function
Emden's equation
Emden's tables
angle of emergency
emergent flux
emergent radiation
theory of synchrotron emission
emission-arc method
against a continuous emission background
emission band
emission band progression
emission burst emission
emission cell
radio emission characteristics
emission coefficient
emission component
Balmer emission continuum
emission core
emission density
radio emission diameter
emission feature
emission from disk of the Galaxy
radio emission from flares
radio emission from galaxies
radio emission from space
radio emission from stars
radio emission from the Milky Way
radio emission from the Sun
emission from the whole Sun
radio (emission) intensity
peak radio emission intensity
emission line
emission measure
emission mechanism
emission nebula
emission of radiation
method of emission of radio waves
radio emission of the halo
emission oscillator strength
emission process
emission profile
emission region
hydrogen emission regions
emission spectrum
radio emissive components
emissive power
emissive process
spectral emissivity
radiant emittance
ratio of radio to optical power emitted
emitted light
emitted pulse
spontaneous emitter
to emit the radiation
radio emitting area
emitting light
emitting power
emitting process
thermally emitting region
21-cm line emitting regions
emmetropic eye
empirical curve of growth
empirical data
empirical model
ortochromatic emulsion
emulsion scratch
emulsion sensitivity
enchanced solar radio waves
viewing end
end-fire array
upper end of tube
endothermic reaction
energetic electrons
zero of energy
energy balance
energy barrier
energy continuum
radiant energy density
spectral energy distribution
energy emission
energy generation
energy generation in stars
energy generation model
energy level
energy level diagram
discrete energy levels
total energy output
energy production
energy production in stars
energy range
energy sensitive
energy sources in stars
energy spectrum
energy state
energy transport
energy wavelength curve
enforced dipole radiation
plate-measuring engine
English equatorial
modified English mounting
enhanced emission
enhanced (level) radiation
enhanced line
enhanced ultraviolet radiation
photographic contrast enhancement
sudden enhancement of atmospherics
maser-like enhancement of lines
linear enlargement
enlargement ratio
enlarging apparatus
entrance pupil
rotational entropy
maximum entropy method
vascular envelope
envelope density
envelope pattern
envelope resolution
Earth's immediate interplanetary environment
planetary ephemerides
ephemeris computation
ephemeris longitude
ephemeris meridian
ephemeris time
standard epoch
epoch of equinox
epoch of maximum
epoch of minimum
epoch of observation
, ε 0
Epsilon telescopes
equal-altitude method
equal brightness photometer
equality-of-contrast photometer
equal sensitivity contours
Saha equation
equation of equilibrium
equation of light
equation of the equinoxes
equation of time
Lagrange's equations
equations of condition
Chandrasekhar's parametric equations of state
pole of equator
photographic equatorial
equatorial acceleration
equatorial band
equatorial bulge
equatorial coordinates
equatorial dial
equatorial diameter
equatorial electrojet
equatorial horizontal parallax
equatorial mounting
equatorial orbit
equatorial parallax
equatorial period
equatorial plane
equatorial platform
equatorial prominence
equatorial radius
equatorial region
equatorial star
equatorial streamers
equatorial system
equatorial telescope
equatorial telescope mounting
equatorial zone
equator point
equilateral prism
unstable equilibrium
equilibrium distribution
equilibrium internuclear distance
equilibrium radiation
equilibrium state
equilibrium temperature
vernal equinoctial point
equinoctial year
spring equinox
precession of the equinoxes
equinox of a catalogue
autumnal equinox point
wide-range equipment
equipment cabin
equipotential surface
principle of equivalence
color equivalent
equivalent angular size
equivalent collecting area
equivalent current system
equivalent electron
equivalent focal length
equivalent orbital
noise equivalent power
noise equivalent resistance
equivalent resistor
equivalent temperature
equivalent width
erect image
erecting prism
Erfle eyepiece
eroded material
short-period erratic motions
erroneous scale Value
zero error
probable error area
error box
periodic error correction
error in level reading
error in position
error of orientation
standard error of the mean
error of unit weight
error signal
errors in declinations
volcanic eruption
eruption hypothesis
eruptive activity
eruptive arch
eruptive prominence
escape of radiation
escape of radio waves
escape speed
Moon's escape velocity
halo es of comet
visual estimate
, η
Fabry-Perot etalon
ETX telescope