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1956 "D"

remnants of the supernova of A. D.
daily error
daily map
sidereal mean daily motion
daily revolution
daily rotation
daily variation
Dall-Kirkham telescope
Dalton law
damp air
damped oscillation
damping broadening
damping constant
damping factor
damping wing
Danjon astrolabe
Danjon scale
dark (absorption) nebula
dark adaptation
dark area
dark band
dark cloud
dark companion
dark current
dark dome
law of darkening
darkening coefficient
darkening to limb
dark exposure
dark flocculus
dark Fraunhofer lines
dark hemisphere
dark line
dark material
sky darkness
dark noise
dark obscuring lane
dark obscuring matter
dark room
dark-room illumination
dark side
International Dark Sky association
dark sky background
dark slide
dark star
dark subtraction
dashed term
raw data
data analysis
Hubble data archive
Lyon-Meudon extragalactic database
National Space Science Data Center
digital data presentation
techniques of data processing
data reduction
NASA extragalactic data set
modified Julian date
international date line
date of supernova
D atom
David Dunlap observatory
Dawes limit
false dawn
lengthening of the day
day airglow
day glow
daylight exposure
daylight hemisphere
daylight saving time
day(light) side
daylit hemisphere
independent day numbers
magnetically quiet days
day sky
day-time meteor
day-time meteor activity
daytime radiant
daytime shower
daytime stream
free-burning dc arc in air
free-burning dc arc in vacuum
DC comparison radiometer
H and D curve
deactivating collision
dead air
dead reckoning position
dead time
Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
heat death
volcanic debris
debris of supernova
de Broglie wavelength
principal source of decameter activity
decameter burst
decameter observations
decameter (radio) sources
decameter radio storm
decameter radio waves
decameter source regions
decameter(-wave) emission
decameter (wavelength) band
decameter (wavelength) radiation
decameter (wavelength) range
decameter wavelength region
decameter wavelengths
decameter waves
decameter(-wave) spectrum
decametric emission
Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
radioactive decay
decayed atom
decay law
decay photon
decimeter burst
decimeter component
decimeter continuum
decimeter observations
decimeter radio waves
decimeter(-wave) emission
decimeter (wavelength) band
decimeter (wavelength) radiation
decimeter (wavelength) range
decimeter wavelength region
decimeter waves
decimeter(-wave) spectrum
decimetric emission
secular secular in declination
declination and right ascension
declination angle
true declination at date
declination axis
declination(-axis) bearings
declination box
declination-box frame
declination circle
declination determinations
declination drive
declination-drive system
declination gear
declination gear device
declination micrometer
declination motion
declination observations
errors in declinations
declination trunnion
declination worm
decline rate
decomposition probability
Fourier deconvolution
Forbush decrease
Balmer decrement
decrement of visual threshold
Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg
deep-dust model
solar model in deeper layers
deep sky filter
deep sky object
deep space network
term defect
defective illumination
defining pad
defining support
deflection angle
deflection drift
nuclear deformation
deformation vibration
resonance degeneracy
separably degenerated
triple degenerated species
degenerate electron
relativistic degenerate gas
degenerate gas law
degenerate matter
degenerate star
degenerate state
degrading of bands
square degree
degree of arc
degree of dissociation
degree of ellipticity
degree of freedom
degree of ionicity
degree of ionization
degree of openness of spiral
Observatoire de Haute Provence
time delay
delayed pulse
time delay integration
delay line
delineation of meteor radiants
Dellinger effect
Observatorio del Rogue de los Muchachos
Roque de los Muchachos observatory
Observatorio del Rogue de los Muchachos
, δ
Delta Cephei stars
Observatorio del Teide
dense cluster
varying density
number/flux density count